Hicon Pulper

Hicon pulpers

1. HICON pulper is a “High Consistency Pulper”. This type of pulper is equipped with the de-trasher system
2. SU-TANTRA hicon pulper operates at consistency 12-16%. The special helical screw type design of rotor provides high capacity & low power consumption.
3. It is suitable for slushing of recycled & virgin pulp. This type of pulper is designed for efficient slushing of unsorted waste paper like printed papers, newspapers, laminated kraft, brown grade kraft, wet strength paper, etc. It also serves for detaching the ink from printed papers.
4. Provision for steam injection is given for raising the temperature of stock..
5. The intense circulatory action of rotor provides homogeneous fiber stock quite suitable for deinking process ahead.
6. The slushed stock then diluted to 4-5% consistency and then taken to the de-trasher which further disintegrate the chips and discharges accept through screenplate.

The rotor is designed in the form of helical screw having three flights.
The rotor is designed into different sizes as per capacity of pulper.
SU-TANTRA provides cast cum fabricated rotor.
All the flights are hard faced on working edges.
Helps in low power consumption.
The rotor is dynamically balanced.
Easy to install & gives efficient slushing.

Benefits :
It is a batch operation pulper normally with cycle time 25-30 minutes.
The consistency obtained is 12-16%.
Low power consumption.
Pneumatically operated valves.
Works in auto cycle with PLC panel.
Lower consumption of steam & chemicals.
No breaking up of contaminants due low peripheral speed of rotor and easy removal of contraries from stock.
Due to the phenomena of fiber to fiber friction separates out the plastic from stock.

          Capacity & Sizes :        
Capacity 6 M3 8 M3 10 M3 12 M3 15 M3 20 M3 25 M3 30 M3 40 M3
TPD 30-45 50-60 60-75 80-90 100-110 120-150 160-180 180-200 220-250
Consistency %         12-18%
Power (Kw) 125 160 200 250 280 340 450 500 550
    De-Trasher Sizes for Pulper Capacity :    
Capacity 6 M10 12 M15 20 M30 30 M40
TPD TX-700 TX-900 TX-1200 TX-1500