Poly Disc Filter

1. The poly disc filter is used for the fiber recovery and thickening of the pulp.
2. The PDF is made up of several discs, each made up of sectors which are clamped together to form a disc.
3. The sectors are ribbed towards the neck and designed for the high capacity drainage rate.
4. One of the main features is that the required floor space taken by the PDF is minimum and cost per m2 of the filtration area is lower as compare to other vacuum filters.
5. During operation each sector enters submergence and cake is formed on the surface of disc.
6. It then emerges into the drying zone and liquid drains to the central barrel from where it passes to the vacuum receiver through valve.
7. The valve with bridge setting controls the timing so that once sector leaves drying zone it moves over a separating bridge to discharge the fiber cake formed.
8. Guide rails on the sides of discs guides the fiber cake to outlet chute which are positioned between adjacent discs and are wide enough to avoid clogging by the falling cake.

Features :
Simple design.
Low power consumption.
Easy to install and operate.
Requires less maintenance.
Better mat formation and filtration efficiency.
PDF helps to improve the paper quality.
Reduced fresh water consumption.
Balanced water removal.
It is installed at higher elevation of 10-11 meters.