Eco De-inking

Eco de inking system 1. The purpose of de-inking system is to remove the printing inks and other substances like stickies that might affect the paper making process or the final paper.

2. It is designed to remove hydrophobic impurities such as ink particles, plastics or fillings in waste paper stock.

3. In de-inking process the ink should be first detached from the fiber.

4. The floatation cell technology with high efficiency provides high yielding of the fibers and easy handling with maximum operating reliability.

5. It is able to remove wide range of ink particles from 5-500 micron.

6. This system is easy to control the fluid level which results in reliable operation and a wide range of capacity.

7. Two stage floatation systems ensure the maximum removal of impurities with minimal fiber loss.

8. This de-inking system is compact and requires less space.

Features :
Compact design and requires less space.
Highly efficient and low power consumption.
Less maintenance.
High consistency scum and less fiber loss.
Highest possible degree of brightness can be achieved.
Improved optical cleanliness in recovered paper stock.
No pollution, environment friendly.