Hydra Pulper

1. The hydra pulper is used for continuous crushing of waste paper.
2. The hydra pulper is a circular tank contains water. The bales of waste paper are loaded into hydra pulper for pulping.
3. SU-TANTRA provides a very powerful impeller at the bottom of hydra pulper which breaks up the bales into small pieces. The pulp mass formed in hydra pulper looks like thick porridge.
4. The hydra pulper has the pulping area as well as screening area. The impeller rotates on the screen plate which discharges accept to the chamber underneath &then forwards.
5. Hydra pulper is available in vertical as well as in horizontal type.The vertical hydra pulper has a vertical tub with extraction chamber at bottom. Whereas horizontal hydra pulper has the horizontal tub with extraction chamber at one side.

Benefits :
Very simple design to cater the needs of normal craft or white grade pulp.
Easy in operation & maintenance.
Suitable for low and medium capacity pulp mills.
The hard facing on the impeller enhances the life of impeller.
4-6% consistency is obtained.

        Capacity & Sizes :      
Capacity 6 M3 8 M3 10 M3 12 M3 15 M3 20 M3 25 M3
TPD 20-30 40-50 60-70 80-100 100-120 120-160 200-250
Consistency %         4-6%
Power (Kw) 45 55 75 120 160 210 250