Medium density cleaner

1. Medium density cleaner or Medium Consistency Cleaner is another type of centrifugal cleaner similar to HDC. It can operate upto maximum consistency 2-2.5%.
2. MDC is installed after completing the coarse screening stage for the elimination of coarse sand and any other heavy contaminants.
3. Its working principle is exactly similar to HDC. After coarse screening the pulp stock is fed into the MDC. The tangential inlet accelerates and forces the stock downwards to form centrifugal action.
4. Due to this the impurities are forced downwards. A fiber saver unit is provided to prevent the fiber from going to drain.
5. The clean stock then rises through the center of vortex formed and discharged through central discharge pipe.

Benefits :
Highly efficient for removal of contaminants like glass, coarse sand, pins, staples, etc.
Can be installed before fine screening and de-inking.
Due to conical shape easy vortex formation with strong centrifugal action.
Easy to install and maintain.
Requires no power.
Minimum floor occupied due to its planetary design.
Improves quality of the pulp stock for further performance.
Number of bottles can be installed in planetary or in series form for different stages.
The secondary MC Cleaner is provided with two pneumatic valves with a junk trap between them.
The valves operate automatically with PLC control.