Disc Thickner 1. The disc thickener is mainly used to wash and thicken the stock in pulping and paper making process.

2. It works as a gravity filter and does not require any barometric legs for creating vacuum. It is installed at the elevation.

3. Its working principle is to dewater by gravity through the level difference between stock out of disc wire and white water in the disc.

4. The stock at the consistency of 0.8-1.2% enters into the inlet chamber and flows through the disc sector which is attached to the vat.

5. The level difference between feeding and filtrate chambers provides the necessary hydraulic pressure difference for water and fiber separation. The water drains out through the mesh.

6. When the stock level is higher than the gate plate of adjusting valve, stock overflows into outlet chamber from where it is discharged out in the consistency of 3-4%.

7. The outlet consistency and capacity can be adjusted by change in speed of drum.

8. The disc thickener can perform the multiple functions as a thickener, washer and filter.

Features :
Simple design.
Easy to install and operate.
Requires less maintenance.
Highly efficient.