Screen Fractionator

1. Fiber fractionator is the pressure screen that is designed for the separation of long fiber and short fiber.
2. In this screen the short fibers are collected as accept whereas long fibers remain as the reject. These long fibers are then further treated to recover fiber and separate the contaminants.
3. In fractionator slotted basket is provided along with the Hurricane rotor. This screen is mainly used for separating long fiber and short fiber during pulp screening.
4. When stock flows into screening zone, it gets affected by the pressure difference between inner and outer side of the screen basket. Due to this the short fiber flows into the accept zone through basket slot.
5. Whereas the long fiber and light impurities are held up by screen basket, which results in separation of long and short fibers. It increases the efficiency of screening.

Benefits :
Efficient separation of contaminants.
Low power consumption.
Higher screening efficiency.
Improved quality of paper.
High capacity.
Hard faced rotor with duplex stainless steel vanes & perfect dynamically balanceing.
High accuracy rate.

Sr. No.; 1. 2. 3.
Model SVPM-800 SVPM-1000 SVPM-1200
Capacity (T/Day) 100-150 150-250 250-350
Power (KW/1440 RPM) 55-75 110-125 350-450