Bleaching Tower

Bleaching Tower 1. SU-TANTRA manufactures a fabricated tower for bleaching process of pulp at both high and medium consistency in the paper mills.

2. The screened pulp retains the brown or blackish color due to recycled paper, residual lignin content that must be bleached out.

3. To obtain the desired degree of whiteness the pulp is required to be bleached. For this purpose the bleaching towers are used. They are used for storage and for bleach reaction.

4. The bleaching plants whiten the paper through three to five stages of bleaching and water washing.

5. The tower is provided with the discharge scraper blades which ensures the optimal distribution of the material.

6. The blades of scrapper acts as the impeller which rotates with the motor power. The beaching tower generally as three parts viz cylindrical tower inlet at the top portion and scrapper at the bottom.

7. The pulp process in the tower along with chemicals at certain degree of temperature upto 95OC.

Features :
Reliable design.
Low cost.
Requires less maintenance.
Gives highest brightness for high quality paper.
Gives the excellent mixing action.
Gives the cleaner pulp and thus improves the run ability of the paper machine.