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Inflow Pressure Screen

Pressure Screen For pulp & paper mill

1. Inflow pressure screen is the advanced pulp screening designed with centripetal rotor.
2. Inflow pressure screen's rotor is outside the screen basket, pulp enter first into the outside of the screen cylinder, fine pulp flow into the inside of screen basket with effect of rotor. This screen has the great ability of screening at low pulses.
3. It is widely used in fine screening of wood pulp, straw pulp, and waste paper pulp.
4. Inflow pressure screen is a continuous screening equipment under the fully closed position with pressure.
5. The pulp enters into the outside of the screen drum along the tangent direction. The pulp enters into screen drum through the sieve holes, with the help of pressure difference between inside and outside of screen drum.
6. Under the pressure from centrifugal movement from the rotor, the impurities move around the outside part of screen basket.
7. The pulp rotating movement offsets some part of positive pulse at the moment that it flows through rotor, thus positive pulse created by rotor decreases, which results in mild screening of impurity from pulp.
8. The design of inflow approach screen helps in more throughput, lower energy consumption, higher screening efficiency and less rejects.
9. The working consistency of this screen is 0.5-1.2%.
10. The material of construction is SS-304 and M.S.

Features :
Operates at consistency 0.5-1.2%
Low power consumption.
Improved screening efficiency.
Easy to install and operate.
Low maintenance.
Allows fine screening.
Improved quality of paper.
Higher production capacity.
Inflow structure gives low pulse.

Sr. No.; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Model SIFP-500 SIFP-600 SIFP-800 SIFP-1000 SIFP-1200
Capacity (T/Day) 25-50 75-100 120-170 180-235 200-270
Power (KW/1440 RPM) 15-22 30-37 45-50 55-75 75-80