High Density Cleaner

high density cleaner 1. High density cleaner is a device works on the principle of centrifugal action designed to clean the pulp by removing all kind of heavy impurities like sand, glass, staples, chips, etc. It is constructed in SS-304/SS-316 sheet cones.
2. It is a centrifugal type of cleaner which operate on the consistency 2-4%.
3. SU-TANTRA provide both motorized as well as non-motorized type of HDC as per requirement.
4. The slushed pulp stock from the pulper is stored in a dump chest. This stock suspension contains lot of heavy and light contaminants.
5. These contaminants are removed from the pulp with the help of centrifugal action formed inside high density cleaner. The consistency is maintained upto 2-3%.
6. Two pneumatically operated valves are provided for the rejects which operate with control panel.
7. The slushed pulp stock stored in a dump chest is fed to the HDC inlet. The tangential inlet accelerates the stock downward and forms centrifugal force due to which the heavier impurities settles down in the reject chamber provided with two pneumatic valves. The cleaned stock rises through the middle of vortex towards the outlet and comes out through the outlet nozzle.
8. The motorized HDC is equipped with the specially designed impeller and motor which helps to force down the stock which results in strong centrifugal action.

Benefits :
Operating consistency is up to 2-4%.
Eliminates heavy impurities efficiently & effectively.
Simple in installation and maintenance.
Low or no power consumption.
Special design of impeller improves performance.
Minimum space requirement.
Improves quality of the pulp stock for further performance and saves the forward machines from wear and tear.

Sr. No. Model Consistency% Motor (KW)
1. 1000 LPM    
2. 1500 LPM    
3. 2000 LPM 3  
4. 2500 LPM    
5. 3000 LPM 2-4% 3.7
6. 3500 LPM 5  
7. 4000 LPM 5.5  
8. 4500 LPM 7.5