Comboscreen rotors

1. SU-TANTRA comboscreen is the reject handeling screen used at the coarse screening stage.
2. This comboscreen is capable of deflaking the stock with simultaneously cleaning and dewatering impurities from recovered fiber.
3. This screen combines the functions of deflaking and screening. It is used to clean the impurities in pulp as rejects at the coarse screening stage.
4. The pulp enters in the comboscreen tangentially from inlet. The perforated screenplate and the impeller fitted at the bottom chamber ensure the cleaning of the stock.
5. The heavy weight impurities move outside by rotating against the inlet chamber. Due to the rotation of rotor rotational flow is created apart from tangential flow in the inlet chamber and the impurities go to reject outlet port.
6. This produces the vortex with differential pressure. At the top of inlet chamber an orifice plate is provided with the opening at center.
7. The fiber and contaminants retained above the screenplate and enter into the core of vortex and pass through orifice plate in the upper zone.
8. At the upper zone basket and the rotor are provided for the further screening of the stock.
9. Lower chamber is provided with Basalt tile lining to minimize abrasion.

Benefits :
Low power consumption.
Gives continuous operation.
Gives fibder free rejects.
It is the multifunction equipment for removing rejects.
Inlet consistency upto 3%.
Simple to install and control.

Sr. No. 1. 2. 3.
Model SCS-1 SCS-2 SCS-3
Capacity (T/Day) 30-60 50-90 70-120
Power (KW/1440 RPM) 75 110 165