Disc Refiner

Disc Refiner 1. In stock preparation refining is considered as the most important stage in paper making process. Refining is the backbone in stock preparation stage as well as in paper making.

2. This determines the quality of paper and furnishes composition and power consumption.

3. Thus every paper mill is trying to adopt latest technology in refining.

4. The disc refiner is suitable for coarse refining and fine refining of various pulps such as wood pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.

5. SU-TANTRA provides two types of disc refiners double disc refiner and tri disc refiner.

6. Compact structure with less area required. It gives highly efficient production with low power consumption

Benefits :
Easiest design with best profile of on the discs.
Loading and unloading with hydraulic power pack system.
Fully automatic control.
Satisfy the paper making demand.
Suitable for various raw materials like wood pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.
With feature of long refining area strong ability to disintegrate fiber.
Adopt constant power control system and gives stable beating effect.
SS-304/special composition steel rotor and stator with various numbers of teeth.

Model TDR-17 TDR-21
Capacity (TPD) 20-50 45-75
Consistency % 3-4%
Motor (KW) 110-150 250-315