Conical Refiner

conical refiner 1. In stock preparation refining is considered as the most important stage in paper making process. Refining is the backbone in stock preparation stage as well as in paper making.

2. This determines the quality of paper and furnishes composition and power consumption.

3. every paper mill is trying to adopt latest technology in refining.

4. The conical refiner is suitable for coarse refining and fine refining of various pulps such as wood pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.

5. The conical refiner is designed to enhance the bonding ability of fiber with a minimized freeness drop and minimum decrease in fiber length.

6. When the diameter of the refiner rotor is same, the area of tapered shape refining surface is bigger and refining time is longer so that the conical refiner can achieve a better refining performance with lower power consumption.

7. The structure design helps in more movement of refiner rotor in the horizontal direction while less movement of radial direction.

Features :
Easiest design with best profile of rotor and stator.
Loading and unloading with Gear motor.
Fully automatic control.
With feature of long refining area strong ability to open fiber.
Auto Gap Controlling System

Model CR-45 CR-60 CR-75
Capacity (TPD) 50-100 120-200 200-250
Consistency % 3-4%
Motor (KW) 150-200 260-350 400-500