Folded Thickener

1. The folded thickener is mainly used to wash and thicken the stock in pulping and paper making process.

2. The SU-TANTRA folded thickener in comparison to normal thickeners provides a considerable larger filtration area.

3. This can be installed in smaller space. The sectors of the thickeners are covered with the monofilament filter fabric. The sectors are divided into smaller pieces so that each section can be replaced without removing the whole assembly.

4. The stock is fed into the thickener through an inlet which evenly distributes the stock across the width and length of the thickener.

5. The water passes through the filer clothe and fiber mat is formed on the surface of sectors.

6. Between the stock level and surface of drain water inside the thickener a hydrostatic pressure difference is created, which gives continuous filtration.

7. The surface of filter clothe is cleaned by the shower.

Features :
Simple design.
Easy to install and operate.
Requires less maintenance.
Highly efficient.
Low power consumption.