Broke Pulper

Broke pulper

1. The broke pulper is simple design pulper which is installed near the machine in paper mill for handling the machine broke and rewinder trims.
2. The purpose of this pulper is to slush the broke for reuse in the paper production. It is used to break down the broke into a stock that can be pumped and treated.
3. The broke pulper comprises of pulper vat, chute, rotor, screen plate, drive, etc.

Benefits :
The broke pulper is designed to defiber the wet broke, all the discarded paper from paper machine during production.
SU-TANTRA broke pulper is very simple in design but sturdy construction. It can be installed in less space.
The broke pulper rotor delivers a high pumping effect with efficient defiberizing at low energy consumption.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Pulping consistency is typically upto 3-5%.
Can be operated in either batch or continuous mode.

      Capacity & Sizes :    
Capacity 6 M3 12 M3 16 M3 20 M3 25 M3
TPD 25-40 50-80 80-110 100-160 150-200
Consistency %     3-5%    
Power (Kw) 75 120 160 185 220