1. Centricleaner is the low density cleaner. It works on the principle of vortex formation by centrifugal action.
2. It is the simplest type of device made in SS-304/SS-316 with tangential inlet. It is designed to remove air, dirt shaves and specks from pulp efficiently and effectively.
3. It works at the consistency upto 0.5-1%.
4. The reducing diameter of the cone ensures good performance of the device by producing strong centrifugal action.
5. The diluted stock of consistency between 0.5-1% enters in centricleaner through its tangential inlet. Tangential entry of the stock accelerates downwards. The centrifugal force causes the strong vortex action at the center of bottle. Due to this cleaned pulp stock rises through center of bottle toward outlet pipe.
6. During this process the contaminants like dirt, specks, dust, and large ink particles are forced downward.
7. The centricleaner is provided with individual manually operated valves at inlet and outlet of the bottles.
8. Number of centricleaner bottles can be installed in number of stages for better performance and to reduce fiber loss.
9. The centricleaner cones are available in SS-304 body and Ceramic body as per customer's requirement.
10. At the bottom nylon polypic/ceramic nozzles are used which can be easily removed for cleaning and replacing.

Features :
Simple design and easy to install.
Easy operation and low maintenance.
Its operating consistency is 0.5-1%.
Efficiently removes impurities like dirt, dust, sheves ,spikes, etc.
Improves the quality of the pulp.
Reducing cone diameter results in outstanding cleaning effect.
Lower inlet pressure.
Less plugging.
Ceramic or nylon polypic nozzles are used at bottom for removing rejects.
In number of stages of centricleaner the reject of first stage bottles becomes the inlet stock for second stage.
bottles which results in minimum fiber loss and high efficiency.