G-type thickener

g type thickener 1.It helps for easy operation, reliable running, high production capacity, less power consumption and convenient to maintain.

2. G-type thickener is a decker thickener. Because of its shape it is better known as G-type thickener.

3. This thickener removes the water from pulp as it passes through the length of rotating drum.

4. The drum thickeners are mainly used for dewatering paper machine broke and pre thickening reject pulp.

5. The drum is installed eccentric to the radius of the body with more clearance on the feed side than the discharge side.

6. The pulp enters through full length of the feed box. The drum rotates in the direction of feed pulp, which pushes the pulp downward to the compaction zone whereas on the other side dewatering takes place.

7. The filtration passes through the perforated area and is discharged through the outlet.
8. The water level inside the drum is lower than the liquid level in vat body. This difference cusses the pressure difference which leads to filtration.

Features :
Simple design.
Low power consumption.
Easy to install and operate.
Requires less maintenance.
Better mat formation and filtration efficiency.
It helps to improve the paper quality.
Reduced fresh water consumption.
Due to feeding from top side the upper portion at the top side of drum also becomes effective.