Medium Consistency Pulper

1. The Medium Consistency Pulper allows a high operating consistency upto 5-8% both in batch and continuous production.
2. The design of this pulper is similar to the hydra pulper but the rotor is 3 vanes S-Rotor or G-Rotor.
3. The optimal pulping conditions results in high quality pulp, short pulping time and low power usage.
4. The hydrodynamic design of pulp vanes provides a combined handling of pulp.
5. On the front side of vanes pulp pressure down towards screenplate and dissolved pulp get forced out through holes. On the back side of vanes an under pressure cleans the holes so that the risk plugging is avoided.
6. The design of impeller assures the complete movement of pulp with high fiber friction and complete velocity towards rotor center.

Benefits :
Mainly used for wood pulp and other clean raw materials.
The pulp consistency can obtain upto 5-8%.
Low power consumption.
Simple design and easy maintenance