Dispersion System

Dispersion System 1. The dispersion system consists of the components dewaterer, plug screw and shredder, screw press, heater mixer, SU-TANTRA disperser, and control system.

2. In the heating screw, the pulp with the consistency of 25-30% is heated to 80-1300C and mixed with the chemicals.

3. Then the pulp enters the feeding screw in the form of round particles. Through the screw rotating disc in the disperser the pulp is extruded into the 0.1-05mm gap between the fibrillating fluted moving disc and fixed disc.

4. Then the pulp goes through the crushing and refining zones between the fluted discs. Between the fibrillating fluted discs the pulp will be mechanically and physically acted intensively and evenly rubbed and softened so that the hot melt material, adhesive material and ink, etc. will be peeled off from fibers and dispersed into invisible, small particles and pulp gets mixed with the chemicals evenly.

5. The dispersion system is controlled by the hydraulic and electrical control system automatically. The control system is equipped with the position sensing device in order to control the gap between discs.

Features :
Low power consumption.
Easy to operate and control.
Easy to install and maintenance.
Automatic hydraulic and electrical control system.
Compact and requires less space.