UTM Pulper

1. The UTM pulper is horizontal type of pulper.

2. In case of paper break on the paper machine the UTM pulper is the optimal solution to pulp all the paper in order to use it for paper making.

3. This pulper gives better deflaking effect.

4. UTM pulper is given with one or two rotor units based on machine deckle.

5. UTM pulper is fitted under the machine and is of low vat height.

6. The paper falling in vat is wetted by showers and is continuously slushed in the vat.

Benefits :
Suitable for wet broke under press section and dry broke under calendar and pope reel of paper machine.
High efficiency of pulping.
Low power consumption.
Stock consistency 3-4%.
Compact design with low vat height for effective slushing.
Ease of maintenance