Whirlpool Pulper

1. The whirlpool technology offers a quick & intensive mixing of suspension in pulper. SU-TANTRA Whirlpool pulper is designed to offer highly energy efficient pulping of recyclable paper at higher consistency & good degree of freeness.

2. The impeller in whirlpool pulper is arranged eccentrically along with the single baffle which helps to generate the perfect turbulence zone. The eccentric rotor arrangement results in quicker and energy efficient mixing of suspension.

3. At the same time, the lower-level turbulence in the rest of the vat allows the waste stock to swell and promote energy efficient defibering. The double-coned bottom creates a flow optimized transition of the stock from the bottom of pulper to the cylindrical vat wall.

4. The pulper has major impact on the stock preparation process in order to prepare the pulp to exact degree of required consistency.

5. The slushing in pulper is also responsible for removing the maximum percentage of contaminants like plastics, ropes, wires, rags, etc.

Benefits :
More efficient & uniform pulping at lowest specific power consumption, with 25-30% saving.
Increased pulping capacity.
Increased pulping quality due to better flow properties of the stock suspension giving higher freeness.
Helps in smooth ragger operation.
Low maintenance.

          Capacity & Sizes :        
Capacity 16 M3 20 M3 25 M3 30 M3 40 M3 45 M3 50 M3 60 M3 70 M3
TPD 70-150 150-225 200-250 250-300 350-450 450-500 500-550 600-700 750-850
Consistency %         4-6%
Power (Kw) 160 190 225 280 315 350 400 450 500