Pressure screen manufacturer

Horizontal Pressure Screen

Pressure Screen For pulp & paper mill

1. Horizontal pressure screen is designed for the coarse screening at the stock preparation stage as well as for fine screening.
2. For coarse screening a perforated basket with step rotor or Hurricane type rotor is provided whereas for fine screening slotted basket with airofoil rotor is provided.
3. Pulp stock at 2-4% consistency enters vertically in to screen inlet chamber. The vertical entry of the stock and horizontal position of screen basket and screen rotor avoids the passage of thick or heavy contaminants between screen rotor and screen basket.
4. The material of construction is SS-304 and M.S.

Features :
Operates at consistency 2-4%
Low power consumption.
Improved screening efficiency.
Easy to install and operate.
Low maintenance.
Suitable for low as well as medium consistency screening.
Allows both coarse screening and fine screening.
Improved quality of paper.

Sr. No.; 1. 2. 3.
Model SHP-400 SHP-500 SHP-600
Capacity (T/Day) 15-30 25-50 30-70
Power (KW/1440 RPM) 22-37 25-35 37-55