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Medium Consistency Pressure Screen

Pressure Screen For pulp & paper mill

1.SU-TANTRA Medium Consistency Screen with special design of Hurricane vane type of rotor is provided with hole / perforated / slotted basket.
2. The function of the medium consistency rotor is to remove the shaves and heavy sand particles and hard contaminants from the furnish.
3. It is the coarse screening machine which is equipped at coarse screening stage after the high density cleaners.
4. The typically designed Hurricane type rotor and perforated basket allow the accept to go out and retain the contaminants and pass through the reject nozzle.
5. The Hurricane rotor is the specially designed rotor and is a fabricated rotor. Contoured foils generate lower positive pulse and higher negative pulse, hence low energy consumption and gives higher purging effect to keep the basket clean.
6. The rotor is suitable for operation with large flat shaped contaminants. The rotor is perfectly dynamically balanced.
7. The medium consistency screen can work upto consistency 1-3.5%.
8. The material of construction is SS-304 and M.S.

Operates at low consistency 1-3.5%
ยท Suitable for coarse screening.
Low power consumption.
Gives better result with efficient separation of contaminants.
Improved screening capacity.
Easy to operate and low maintenance.
High production capacity as well as accept capacity.
Clean accepted stock.

Special Features :
The SS-304 rotor is provided with duplex stainless
steel gladiator vanes and is dynamically balanced.
The basket has conical holes drilled on CNC machine and has grooves, thus called profile perforated basket.

Sr. No.; 1. 2. 3. 4 5 6 7 8
Model SVPM-400 SVPM-500 SVPM-600 SVPM-660 SVPM-800 SVPM-1000 SVPM-1200 SVPM-1500
Capacity (T/Day) 25-30 45-55 55-70 65-70 85-120 125-150 250-300 300-350
Power (KW/1440 RPM) 18-20 30-37 37-45 45-55 55-75 78-90 120-160 150-200