Pressure screen manufacturer

Pressure Screen With Washing Cycle

Pressure Screen For pulp & paper mill

1. The pressure screen provided with an additional water line for the washing cycle is generally known as the tail screen or reject screen.
2. It is general pressure screen in which the water line is provided for wash out of the contaminants in the screen.
3. The pulp stock first enters into an inlet chamber. The revolving rotor ensures the passage for the fibers. The contaminants are restricted to pass through screen and remain in inlet chamber.
4. Contaminants in inlet chamber are washed by wash water to separate fiber and then the contaminants are free from fibers are dumped.
5. This washing cycle of the screen operates automatically with PLC control panel.
6. The material of construction is SS-304 and M.S.

Features :
Low power consumption.
Improved screening efficiency.
High production capacity as well as accept capacity.
Improved quality of paper.
Available for both low consistency screen and medium consistency scree.
Best suitable for screening of waste paper stock and broke screening.
No or minimum fiber loss.
Fully automatic operation with PLC control.