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Pressure screen manufacturer

Pulp & paper Machinery Equipment Manufacturer in India

SU-TANTRA EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. introduces itself as one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of complete pulp, paper and allied machinery equipments located at historical city Aurangabad (Maharashtra). Aurangabad has its own history in pulp and paper making since the decades as many paper mills and pulp machinery manufacturer has their base in this city.

SU-TANTRA is a combination of SU and TANTRA a symbol for excellence and technology. Representing the name, our company provides a variety of equipments and product based services efficiently guided by a group of experts with their profound experience. SU-TANTRA is global supplier well equipped with skilled labour & technical expertise. SU-TANTRA has glowing recognition in national as well as in international market. We have over 100 of installations in India and abroad.

Pressure Screen For pulp & paper mill


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~Mahatma Gandhi

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